18 Easy Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Help Nashville Agents Stand Out

18 Easy Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Help Nashville Agents Stand Out

Marketing Ideas to Help Nashville Agents

Marketing Ideas to Help Nashville Agents

The real estate world has had interesting ups and downs over the past decade. For instance, the National Association of Realtors or NAR membership hit the all-time high of 1,375,000 realtors in 2006 before it dramatically dropped with the housing financial crisis.

But since its rock bottom in the year 2012 with about 999,000 members, the ration has been increasing steadily. In fact, with nearly 1.1 million members in 2014, we can say that the competition among every realtor was already heating up.

Do you agree that the competition in the real estate industry nowadays is fierce? These days, you will need to have an expert offline and online marketing skills in order to set yourself apart from your other competitors.

While it’s true that real estate agents are still the important key in buying a property, buyers are still looking to do more of their own researches online before they involve the experts.

As a matter of fact, one study from NAR showed that about ninety two percent of homebuyers use the net to begin hunting for house, making it more important for the real estate agents to have a more active presence on the web. If you’re in the real estate industry and not active online when it comes to networking and engaging with your potential customers, then there’s a big possibility that you are already missing out.

In this post, you will learn the most important ideas if you’re looking to win the game in the world of real estate marketing.

Easy Real Estate Marketing Ideas

1. Set Yourself Up in Different Social Media Platforms

Make sure that you have setup social media accounts on big networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. In that way, you can be able to interact with your followers, share good press, as well as promote your properties, promote the properties you’re selling.

2. Consider Adding Social Sharing Buttons in Your Website

Home shoppers are very eager to share their top house picks with family and friends. Thus, you have to find a way to make it much easier for your home buyers to share or email various properties online and you can do that by adding social sharing buttons in your website.

3. Always Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

What is the competition doing in your area? What do their official websites look? How active are your competitors in social media? It’s actually very important that you take note of what your competitors are doing. When you do this, you will be able to avoid their mistakes as well as replicate their success.

4. Create an Effective Business Card

You should consider getting a killer business card and make sure you hand them out to every potential home buyer you bump into.

5. Make Yourself Much Easier to Contact

Aside from handing out business cards, you also need to put your contact information on all pages of your website. It’s also ideal that you make a quite impressive contact us page in order to grab attention and make possible home buyers contact you.

6. Make Use of Beautiful Local Images

You are not just selling a property, you are also selling a whole area or town. This is why it’s best that you showcase what your place has to offer using beautiful and high-quality photos of local familiar sites and town landmarks. It’s also best that you hire a professional real estate photographer Nashville so you’ll have a fantastic aerial shot of the property that you’re selling and the community too. You can surely use these photos not only for your websites but for your social media pages as well.

7. To Capture Leads, Create an Irresistible Content Offer

Consider producing highly informative real estate eBooks like “Things people should consider before purchasing a house.” Certainly, offering free eBooks to get their email address is definitely a great way in order to capture more leads.

8. Hire a Professional Photographer

Successful real estate heavily relies on great photography and videography. This is because bad images of the property will only diminish interest even in the greatest of residential or commercial properties. It is absolutely important that you have beautiful and high-quality photos of the properties you’re selling. This is why if you are in Nashville, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional real estate photographer Nashville preferably with years of experiencing in photographing architectures and homes.

On the other hand, if you have sophisticated photography tools and equipment and you’re somehow confident in your abilities, then you can also capture decent ones for your website. However, you need to bear in mind the real estate industry is one of the many industries where it really pays to bring in the pros.

9. You Can Create a Virtual Tour

The time of your clients is precious and as much as possible, they want to understand about a certain residential or commercial property before they visit it in person. This is the reason why virtual tours are really helpful as it can give an accurate and comprehensive preview of your property of a particular property for potential home buyers.

10. Local Sponsorship

You can also consider sponsoring local school events, sports teams or festivals. Signing up as their local sponsor usually means getting your business listed on their flyers, program pamphlets, or a spot on their t-shirts.

11. Make Creative Animated Videos

You should also consider outsourcing high-quality and attractive animated video for your business. Cute, short and high-quality animated cartoon videos can definitely help a lot in establishing your brand and give a touch of personalization. You might even want to try featuring some local sites or landmarks in your video in order to make it targeted and unique.

Bear in mind that your animated video does not have to be very sophisticated – come up with a simple and short video as possible with a help of a professional near you.

12. Create Pinterest Boards

As a real estate agent, you may need to create Pinterest boards since it is a great way to provide information and images for specific listings. In addition to the high-quality photos of the property, you can also create a board in Pinterest for a single property in order to highlight the most important benefits that one can get in that particular location.

13. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

We can all surely agree to the fact that people spend most of their times on their mobile phones. As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown that about eighty percent of internet users utilize their mobile phones for online activity. Having said that, it is paramount that your site is completely mobile friendly. And, it’s even better if you consider a mobile application which potential home buyers can be able to use to view your listings.

14. Send Newsletters

Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective and ideal strategies for building relationship with the clients. Thus, it’s really helpful if you collect emails from your local outreach, website, social media pages, or any other ways you can think of. Next, send your email subscribers or followers the things they are looking for like notices about new houses available on the market, upcoming open houses, news about free seminars that you are offering in the area, and many more. However, if you’re working in different geographical areas, you will want to segment the subscribers of your newsletter based on their specific location in order to make sure that they will only get the most relevant updates and emails from you.

15. Build a Google My Business Page

It is the latest in location-based pages of Google. If you are confused with Google My Business Page, don’t worry too much since it is generally the same idea as Google+ Pages and Google Places for Businesses. Setting up your Google My Business Account definitely makes it much easier for the people to search you in Google+, Google Maps, and Google Search. Trust me, this method is a no-brainer.

16. Going Niche

The moment you’ve got some competition in real estate marketing in your area, then you might want to make yourself stand out through going niche. For example, become the ultimate go-to agent for families with kids, dog owners, divorced individuals, etc. In fact, making your own name when it comes to a certain niche need requirement can definitely make you memorable, most especially in highly saturated zip codes.

17. Utilize Emotional Storytelling

Use emotional storytelling with powerful visual elements and compelling copy. Humans tend to respond to effective stories so if you tell a good one, your clients will surely flock to you.

18. Webinar Hosting

If you’re comfortable enough in hosting a webinar, it can also be an effective way to gain attention for your real estate business. Webinars can be repurposed as videos too that you can upload in YouTube. This can serve as a valuable video content, which can permanently live on your website.

Now that you know the top 18 things you should do as a real estate agent, don’t forget to apply these to your marketing strategies.

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